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Biometric Security Services & Installation

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Biometric Security

Passwords may not have quite had their day, but there are huge problems with them. Most of these problems hinge on the fact that it’s difficult for people to remember even one, unique, strong password. IT security professionals have therefore been developing password replacements. One of these is biometric security.

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What is Biometric Security?

Biometric security replaces or supplements something you know (i.e. a password) with something you have, i.e. a part of your body.  The main advantage of biometric security is that you cannot forget to bring your body with you the way you can forget to bring an access token. It is also even more difficult to counterfeit a body part than it is an access token.

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Types of Biometric Security

At present, biometric security is generally based on fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition or voice recognition. In principle, it’s also possible to use DNA recognition. In practice, however, there are numerous reasons why this is currently highly impractical.


Below is PPVS quick guide to the main types of biometric security in use at this time.  All of these biometric security types are available for installation by our team of professionals.

Keypad security
businessman using fingerprint to access information

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    Fingerprint Recognition

    Fingerprint recognition is widely used on premium mobile devices. It is also growing in popularity as a means of access control. At present, fingerprint scanners require a person to put their finger onto the scanner and hold it there while the scan is done. This means that it is a relatively slow method of biometric identification. It does, however, offer a particularly high level of security.

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    Iris Recognition

    Iris recognition is much more similar to fingerprint recognition than to facial recognition. As with fingerprint recognition, a person needs to have their eyeball right up against the scanner and keep it there while the scan is done. This can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if the person wants to blink. As with fingerprint recognition, however, iris recognition offers a very high level of security.

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    Facial Recognition

    Facial recognition is possibly the biggest growth area in biometric security. It is, however, arguably the one in need of the greatest degree of oversight, for the time being at least.  Facial recognition technology essentially looks at the key proportions on a person’s face.  It then compares these to a database of faces to see if there is a match.


    The most obvious difference between facial recognition and both fingerprint recognition and iris recognition is that it can be done “on-the-fly”. In other words, a person’s image can be captured in passing and analysed as they are moving forward.  If necessary, security personnel can then move in to remove people.  This makes it very convenient, but, at present, the recognition system is not totally reliable.

    Facial Recognition

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