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Commercial Drainage Services & Flood Damage Restoration

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Flood Damage & Drainage Services

Anyone who has experienced a flood, and witnessed the damage that they can leave in their wake, will know just how complete the devastation can be to a building – and the ongoing problems that can cause. Whether as a result of a burst pipe inside the property or due to weather conditions outside, the seriousness of commercial flood damage can be such that it takes many stages of work to put right. At PPVS we’re experts in assessing and correcting the damage caused by floods, and are ready to help in an emergency.

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What is Commercial Flood Damage?

In the immediate aftermath of a flood, the pressing issue is draining the water from the property. Only when this is done can the lasting damage be assessed – and the longer things are submerged, the greater the damage is likely to be. There can be extensive impacts to furniture, flooring, electrical appliances and sockets, and to the structural integrity of the property itself. Before the work of flood damage restoration can even begin, this extensive assessment must be undertaken and completed to the highest possible standard.

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Commercial Flood Damage Contractors

We at PPVS can call upon some of the most skilled flood damage repair experts to embark on the process of bringing a property back to its former glory. They will first undertake to fully dry out the affected areas, removing any water that has pooled even after the initial draining. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we will dry out every nook and cranny and then set to completing a report of what has been damaged and how extensively it has been. We will also treat the area to ensure that no secondary issues, such as mould, arise. Then, and only then, will we seek to repair or replace paintwork, paper or flooring.

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    Commercial Flood Damage Cleaning

    As part of the flood damage cleanup, we first ensure that there is no remaining moisture which can become a home for bacteria and lead to mould, which can cause serious respiratory conditions. What is most important here is to look past the initial damage of soaked carpets and damaged paint and see the dangers caused by secondary damage. When water soaks into areas, condensates and spreads throughout the building, its effects can be seen and felt for years to come. We’ll see to it that this doesn’t happen.

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    Commercial Damage Repairs

    Once the cleanup and investigation have been concluded, only then do we at PPVS give the green light for structural and surface repairs to be undertaken. Our flood damage repairs are signed off once the premises are restored to a condition better than before the flood occurred. Anything that has been destroyed in the flood is replaced; walls, floors, electrics and plumbing are made good to a standard that exceeds expectations, and the work is only considered complete when we have undone all the damage done by the flood – both the problems you could see and those that you couldn’t.


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