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M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) Contractors

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What is M&E?

M&E refers to Mechanical & Electrical systems, usually in the context of construction. While the term refers to both systems combined as they are often used together, mechanical systems could mean plant and machinery, elements of infrastructure, tools, and heating and ventilation. Then when talking about electrical systems, this could cover power supply and distribution, telecommunications, computing instrumentation, and control systems. However, many systems include components of the two which is why M&E is such a common term.

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M&E Maintenance

Mechanical and electrical systems require maintenance and quite often one of the core services of a facilities management is to manage mechanical and electrical maintenance, this can include planned, preventative maintenance, fault finding, electrical Inspection and testing, Portable Appliance Testing, gas safety, and gas soundness, emergency lighting testing, life system testing, regular repairs or 24-hour emergency and reactive services. Each client may require something different as while one might need full-time on-site support others may only require ad-hoc inspections and maintenance.


To make sure that you are working and operating your business in a safe and efficient environment then M&E maintenance is an essential service and something that should never be overlooked. Scheduled M&E maintenance is actually rather easy to manage and is far more effective than emergency and reactive maintenance. If you do encounter a breakdown, then it will likely have a bigger impact on the productivity of your business, however, when you have scheduled maintenance, you can plan any downtime and carry out the maintenance at quieter times or at the weekends or over night. But hopefully, with the right scheduled maintenance, you won’t have much of a need for emergency and reactive maintenance.


It is also important to carry out regular internal health and safety inspections and audits on mechanical and electrical components in your premises to ensure that the health and safety compliance requirements are met.

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Mechanical and Electrical Installations

Mechanical and electrical installations can take place in any commercial property and should only be undertaken by engineers who know what they are doing. They should also be planned effectively, to make sure that they cause as little disruption as possible and are in line with the company’s current and future requirements. Mechanical and Electrical Installations may include Kitchen Extract Systems, Ventilation Systems, Cold Rooms, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ductwork, and Heating Systems and Boilers, and should be installed to make a commercial property work better and more efficiently. These installations should also look to reduce environmental impact and increase user efficiency. 

When you are looking for M&E installations, it’s important that you choose a strong mechanical and electrical engineering team who can provide you with everything from design and consultation, installation, inspection, and testing, and certification. Choose a company that has experience in what you’re looking for and can provide you with the best advice and the use of the most up to date technology and equipment in the business.

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    The Benefits of M&E Facilities Management for Your Business

    A Facilities Management company’s responsibility for the maintenance and servicing of clients’ buildings systems and facilities, including electrical and mechanical systems, helps to improve a company’s efficiency while lowering costs. Regular checks and consultations may help to significantly reduce the risk of long-term, cumulative damage, allowing for much lower future repairs and replacement costs.

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    M&E Services Throughout the UK

    Mechanical and electrical services involves the diagnosis, fault finding and rectification of equipment, plant and machinery. It can also include evaluating new system designs for conformance to specified standards. While a general service is conducted as a preventative measure against equipment breakdowns it has no bearing on the design/performance capabilities of the equipment being serviced. At PPVS, we provide all of these services to a professional and expert standard across the UK.

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    Commercial M&E Installation & Maintenance Services

    We have years of experience in providing high-quality and reliable commercial M&E installation and maintenance services to a wide range of businesses, industries, and organisations throughout the UK. Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your commercial space is equipped with efficient, functional, and safe mechanical and electrical systems. We’re also flexible, we can operate on a contract or project basis, providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. And we can also ensure that we don’t disrupt your daily operations, as we can work around your schedule to minimise any downtime.

    Fully Qualified With 50 Years Of Experience

    We are experienced in providing a wide range of services from FM to construction for domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.

    Customer Focused Services

    We understand that our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to providing a service that meets their needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they’re happy with the results we deliver, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. We believe that communication is key, and we will always keep you updated on the progress of your project.

    Mechanical & Electrical Services Frequently Asked Questions

    What does M&E stand for?

    The term M&E is a shortened form of “Mechanical and Electrical.” The mechanical and electrical systems that a facilities management company puts in place and maintains are referred to as M&E.

    What are the different types of mechanical systems?

    There are many types of assets within the mechanical system umbrella including pumps, valves, fans, boilers, hot water tanks, and air conditioning equipment.

    What are electrical services?

    Electrical services include wiring, electrical panel installation, lighting requirements, outlet installation, ceiling fan installation, and many more assets.

    What types of businesses can benefit from your M&E services?

    We work with a variety of businesses, ranging from small retail shops and offices to large industrial complexes and warehouses. We also provide services to schools, hospitals, government buildings, and other organisations.

    What type of M&E systems do you install and maintain?

    We have the expertise to install and maintain a wide range of mechanical and electrical systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, lighting, security, fire protection, and more. Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling all types of installations and maintenance tasks.

    Can you provide ongoing maintenance services for our commercial space?

    Yes, we offer regular maintenance plans to ensure that your M&E systems are functioning optimally and efficiently. We can perform routine checks, inspections, and repairs as needed to keep your systems in top condition.

    Operations Helpdesk with CAFM Reporting

    Our helpdesk Operations Department provides 24/7 maintenance and support services for clients’ property portfolios across the UK. We have FM services with Project, Contract, and Account Managers ensuring smooth operations and compliance. Through our daily operations, we run reports to monitor spending, outstanding works, security, and potential projects, aiming to reduce unnecessary call-outs and save money. In FM, we use CAFM software to centralise facilities services, generate reports, and track SLA compliance. Clients can access the system through a client portal to review works and reports.

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