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Logistics Facilities Management

Within logistics facilities management, whether it involves distribution centers, warehouses, or transport hubs, the emphasis lies on ensuring secure, efficient, and sustainable environments for the smooth flow of goods and services. Facilities management oversees all essential elements of this process.

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Our Logistics Facilities Management Solutions

Hard Facilities Management

Hard FM services are often required by law, to ensure the safety of employees and customers. It refers to the physical materials of a building which cannot be removed. PPVS provide a range of hard facilities management services for clients across the United Kingdom in verticals such as the commercial, retail and leisure sector.

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Soft Facilities Management

Soft FM services, under human management, enhance workplace ambience, fostering a more enjoyable environment for all occupants. These variable services play a crucial role in improving the overall quality of the workspace, contributing to a positive and productive atmosphere.

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Planned Facilities Management

Planned maintenance is carrying out repairs with the aim of ensuring that an asset does not fail. Planned maintenance refers to any maintenance activity that is planned, documented, and scheduled.

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Reactive Facilities Management

Reactive maintenance are repairs that are carried out after equipment has already become faulty. Reactive facilities management and maintenance focuses on repairing the equipment to operating conditions.

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What is Logistics Facilities Management?

Logistics Facilities Management (LFM) is the process of managing and coordinating the activities related to the operation of facilities used for storage, distribution, and assembly of goods and materials. LFM encompasses all aspects of facilities management, from design and construction to maintenance and security.


The goal of LFM is to ensure that facilities are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. A well-run facility can help businesses save money.

Fully Qualified Facilities Management Professionals

We are experienced in providing a wide range of electrical services in domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.

Different Types of Logistics Premises PPVS Manage

Here at PPVS, we’re proud to manage a range of different logistics buildings. We’ve highlighted a few examples below. Please note that we’re also experienced in managing non-logistics settings too, such as commercial premises, and industrial premises.

Distribution Warehouses

At PPVS, we can manage all types of distribution warehouses. We understand that each warehouse has unique requirements, and we’ll work with you to develop a bespoke facilities management solution.

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Assembly & Manufacturing Plants

We have experience in managing assembly and manufacturing plants of all sizes. We can help you increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing downtime and costs.

Cold Storage Facilities

We offer comprehensive facilities management for cold storage facilities. We can help you maintain your equipment, and keep your facility clean.

Retail Storage Facilities

We can manage retail storage facilities of all sizes. We understand the unique challenges associated with retail logistics, and we’ll work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

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Transportation & Logistics Centres

We offer comprehensive facilities management for transportation and logistics centres. We can help you optimise your operations and reduce costs.

Operations Helpdesk with CAFM Reporting

Our helpdesk Operations Department provides 24/7 maintenance and support services for clients’ property portfolios across the UK. We have FM services with Project, Contract, and Account Managers ensuring smooth operations and compliance. Through our daily operations, we run reports to monitor spending, outstanding works, security, and potential projects, aiming to reduce unnecessary call-outs and save money. In FM, we use CAFM software to centralise facilities services, generate reports, and track SLA compliance. Clients can access the system through a client portal to review works and reports.

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Why is Facilities Management Important for Logistics?

Reduces Downtime

One of the main benefits of having a good facilities management team in place is that it can help to reduce downtime. This is because a good facilities management team will be able to identify and fix problems quickly and efficiently.

Improves Efficiency

We can help to improve the efficiency of your operations – streamlining processes and procedures, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

Ensures Compliance

We can also help you to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, which is important for ensuring that your operations are safe and legal.

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