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Building Dilapidation Services

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What are Dilapidation Works?

The term “dilapidation works” refers to the repairs or reinstatement of modifications made to a property by the tenant that have resulted in structural deterioration. It’s a method of returning a property to its pre-lease condition, according to the Lease Agreement between a Landlord and their Tenant. The process of executing dilapidation works may be started either by the outgoing tenant or the landlord.

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Dilapidation Works

Dilapidation services are needed where commercial buildings or office spaces have fallen into disrepair.  In cases where buildings have been left abandoned, the dilapidation service is best carried out by a specialist contractor. This method will ultimately benefit building owners and make the site more attractive to potential buyers. A dilapidation survey on an office building can also highlight areas which need repair work on roofs, ceilings or doors.

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Dilapidation Surveyors

Dilapidation surveys are important quality control procedures for property maintenance contractors. They’re required by most insurance companies before assessing the full extent of exterior damage to a building, or to establish whether internal damage has resulted from prior roof leaks or flooding.

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    Building Dilapidation

    PPVS’ Dilapidation Service is ideal for property owners and managers who want to restore a commercial space quickly. It gives you the greatest chance of turning your property around in time for your next tenant lease, and it provides you with the opportunity to improve the condition of the property and increase the probability of obtaining a premium tenant.


    We provide a professional service that quickly and effectively upgrades the property. Our trained technicians complete the work efficiently and cost-effectively, giving you a return on your investment as soon as possible. We can coordinate with other contractors if additional services are needed.

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    Office Dilapidation Services

    We guarantee a quick return. Get your office space back on the market faster and avoid having to pay rent if it sits empty. With little investment, you may update and modernize your workplace without sacrificing functionality.


    Our team of professionals will work with you from an early stage to advise you on all aspects of commercial property dilapidations. Every dilapidation project we undertake is delivered on time and within budget. From an early stage, our team of specialists will collaborate with you and advise you on all elements of reparations.

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    Dilapidation Services for Tenants and Landlords

    When it comes to dilapidation services, tenants and landlords have different needs. Tenants often need help inspecting the property for damage and ensuring that their security deposit is returned in full. Landlords, on the other hand, may need help preparing a property for sale or lease.

    At PPVS, we understand the unique needs of tenants and landlords. We offer a range of services that are tailored to each group’s specific needs. For tenants, we offer a detailed inspection report that highlights any damage to the property. We also work with landlords to ensure that they are aware of any potential issues with the property before putting it on the market.

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    Fully Qualified With 50 Years Of Experience

    We are experienced in providing a wide range of services from FM to construction for domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.

    Dilapidation Specialists

    We’re experts at assessing and repairing any damage to a property that may have been caused by weather, age or wear and tear. If you’re looking to get a property ready for sale, or simply want to ensure that it is in good condition, we can help.


    We’ll be able to provide you with a detailed report on the state of your property, as well as recommend any necessary repairs. We’ll also be able to oversee the repairs themselves, ensuring that everything is carried out to the highest standard.

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    Reliable & Experienced Dilapidation Contractors

    PPVS are experienced and reliable dilapidation contractors, who specialise in providing a full range of services for all types of buildings. We understand that the cost of repairs can be high and so we’re committed to providing our clients with competitively priced dilapidation packages to suit their budget. Our team has extensive experience working on retailcommercial and industrial properties.

    We provide a range of services including:


    • Complete building dilapidation survey and assessment
    • Preparation of professionally drafted dilapidation schedules
    • Identification and rectification of defect and damage works
    • Repairs to walls, ceilings, flooring, windows, doors and other surfaces
    • Decoration works – internal & external painting & decorating
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    Customer Focused Services

    We understand that our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to providing a service that meets their needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they’re happy with the results we deliver, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. We believe that communication is key, and we will always keep you updated on the progress of your project.

    Dilapidation Services Frequently Asked Questions

    What is dilapidation?

    The term “dilapidation” refers to deterioration or damage to a structure’s structural integrity. The progressive neglect of maintenance and repair causes wear and tear in a building.

    What is a dilapidation survey?

    A Dilapidations Survey is a comprehensive survey that details the state of building components and systems, from minor wear and tear/staining to major structural damage. It’s a good idea to do one prior to hiring or terminating a contract to validate contractors’ competence.

    When are dilapidation services needed?

    Dilapidation services are needed when there is damage to a building, and the services are employed when a tenent is handing the ownership of a building back to the building owner.

    Operations Helpdesk with CAFM Reporting

    Our helpdesk Operations Department provides 24/7 maintenance and support services for clients’ property portfolios across the UK. We have FM services with Project, Contract, and Account Managers ensuring smooth operations and compliance. Through our daily operations, we run reports to monitor spending, outstanding works, security, and potential projects, aiming to reduce unnecessary call-outs and save money. In FM, we use CAFM software to centralise facilities services, generate reports, and track SLA compliance. Clients can access the system through a client portal to review works and reports.

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